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Sunshine Coast Joinery is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with our workshop located at Chevellum. We take great pride when joining Timber Benchtops, Table Tops, Bench Seats Etc. In fact, if it requires joining timber components together, we always go the extra mile to produce excellence.
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victorian ash benchtop

The Importance of The Right Timber For a Benchtop

The harder the better is a good general rule. Luckily, there are a wide variety of attractive timber that make excellent work surfaces for benchtops and bench seats.

If you are looking for darker colour New Guinea Rosewood and Tasmanian Blackwood are both excellent choices.

For lighter coloured benchtops Tasmanian Oak, Blackbutt or American Oak are always popular.

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air dried timber

Correctly Seasoned Timber.

A must for quality timber benchtops

SEASONING TIMBER. The process of drying timber to ambient humidity for the local area.

When timber is first milled it contains a lot of moisture. For it to be used successfully it needs to be dried either by a natural process as in the photo opposite, or by applied heat. For South East Queensland the content should be about 12%.
Without properly drying the timber will be very unstable and within a short period will start to warp and crack.

That is why we source all our timber from reputable suppliers who know the history of the timber they are selling.
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blackwood kitchen benchtop

Why Our Timber Benchtops Are Better

We pride ourselves on having virtually invisible joins in our benchtops. However it is not just the look that makes our benchtops better.

To start with, we carefully machine straighten and dress every piece of the rough sawn timber to size. Then wherever possible, we colour match board side by side alternating the growth rings visible on the ends. This is important to ensure the most stable finished product.

The final step in preparing the boards is to use a long Stanley No.6 hand plane on the edge every join. This little bit of extra effort make all the difference to the finished benchtop; or any custom made timber products. Had planing takes out any defects caused by the machining process and ensures the edges of the boards are dead straight and butt together perfectly.

This not only produces joints of near invisibility it also requires far less clamps and pressure to clamp the boards together. “So what?” you ask. The answer is we are not building in stresses in the joints therefore minimising any problems like splitting and warping at a later date.

In addition, our tops are joined with very high strength Epoxy Glue and then the tops are machine sanded to ensure they are perfectly flat. Then they are hand sanded to make the surface as smooth as possible to prior to finishing.
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Tasmanian Blackwood table top


The two main finishes for a hard wearing surface are two pack and single pack polyurethane. Both are hard wearing and available in Gloss, Satin/Semi Gloss or Matt finishes.

Semi Gloss and Matt finishes may be applied with a brush or spray application. However for best results with gloss finishes, spray application by a professional is the only way to go.

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oil finished with cross

Caring For Your New Bench or Table Top

Timber tops are generally maintenance free. Correctly sealed all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth.

We always advise clients never to use oils of synthetic spays like Mr Sheen Etc. The reason being is that unlike other types of tops, timber tops can be repaired should any little accidents happen. When you use an oil on tops it make the process of repairs that much more difficult and involved.

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