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Sunshine Coast Joinery; Timber and our Environment


Australia has a great variety of beautiful and durable furniture and joinery timber. Thankfully, the days of logging indiscriminately are gone and have been replaced with truly sustainable harvesting and planting methods. This means that for every tree taken from the forests, at least one or more replacement trees are planted for future generations.

Below are just a few samples of how timber can be sourced without depleting our beautiful native forrests.

Salvage Timber

photo of fallen log in field
dressed queensland maple

The photo above is an example of a Queensland Maple tree having been blown over in a Cyclone.
Its craggy nature disguises the true beauty which lies beneath

In this image the true nature of the tree is revealed once the timber is milled and dressed. Timber from the but is highly figured however requires very good equipment and skill to work with.

Images of Maple supplied courtesy of Mapleman

Plantation Timber

Plantation of timber

The image opposite is of a Tasmanian Blackwood Plantation in Tasmania. This is just one example of plantations around Australia and indeed the World.

Many companies and individuals are recognizing the benefits of  plantation timber in  the community. It is a long term investment, sometimes taking generations to create a financial or other benefit.

As an old Italian saying goes:

“If you plant an Olive Tree, you plant it for your grandchildren”.

I have worked with timber all my life. From my apprenticeship as a Boat Builder and Joiner to Shop Fitting and Picture Framing. In the early days timber was seen more or less as an endless resource. Fortunately like most of my colleagues, I now regard it as a precious resource and every effort is made during production to minimise waste wherever possible.

At Sunshine Coast Joinery, we pride ourselves on only using these ethically sourced timbers for all our Joinery work.



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