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Let Us Help With Your Shaker or Hampton Style Furniture

No other kitchen style has stood the test of time quite like Shaker Styler Kitchens. Suiting a variety of decor styles from country cottages to grander residence in the period style and everything in between. Shaker style kitchens and furniture has stood the test of time because of the simple yet elegant design. No frills or other elaborate decoration is one of the hallmarks of Shaker style.

Shaker Background

Originally from the United Kingdom, the Shakers were highly skilled craftspeople producing simple but functional furniture predominately for their own use.  They created their furniture and kitchens in the belief that manufactured goods should be honest in both construction and appearance. Considered deceitful, practices like veneering and adding other embellishments like mouldings are unusual.

The Shakers loved to keep things simple in their lives and the furniture they made. Using mostly local timbers such as pine, maple and cherry. The timber was not so important as most pieces were originally painted or stained. The popular colours were blues, greens, reds, and yellows. Another feature of the original Shaker Furniture is the use of timber handles though nowadays, these are usually replaced with one of the many handle varieties available., .

Creating Shaker Style Kitchens

Simple, unadorned freestanding furniture made of real wood, either left natural or painted, with panelled unit doors, is a staple of the Shaker look. Drawer fronts may be either solid pieces of timber or panelled to match the doors. Again, either painted of finished in a natural finish.

A feature of many Shaker Style Kitchens is an island bench incorporating open shelves, drawers and cupboards. This can be painted in an accent colour if desired with a mixture of natural timber finishes in the open slatted shelving.

 Painting Cabinets in a Shaker Style Kitchens

Ideal paint colours are cream, muted green, pale grey-blue or pink, but even deep blue and red work well as accent colours, perhaps confined to just one statement piece.

Smaller details in Shaker Style Kitchens

Traditionally, cabinet door furniture was timber knobs, painted or stained to match the units’ colours, but satin nickel knobs or cup handles are a good alternative. Worktops were also wooden, but more modern materials such as granite or quartz are often more practical and hardwearing, and will give the kitchen a contemporary edge.

It is important to include either open shelving with a few often-used objects, or glass-fronted wall units in the design, to break up a solid row of doors and let you show off beautiful glassware or china.






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