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Woodworking &Timber Services

Sunshine Coast Joinery

When it comes to Woodworking and Timber Services, Few Companies in South East Queensland Offer a More Comprehensive Selection. From custom built furniture using exotic and rare timbers to bespoke pieces. Our services are comprehensive and we are able to take your project from an idea into a beautiful and life long peice of furniture.

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Woodworking Services

Solid Tasmanian Oak School Student Desk

Dovetail Joint

New Guinea Rosewood Dining Table

Tasmanian Oak Record Storage Unit


Custom made timber desk in the old school style. These solid Tasmanian Oak desks were made for the Steiner School in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. As you can see the dovetail joint gives a good solid join. The New Guinea Rosewood dining table is large and sturdy and will last a lifetime.

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CNC Routing

Another one of the many services we offer. Our CNC Router features Vacuum Bed, Auto Tool Changer and much more. So for you next CNC routing project don’t hesitate to call for comprehensive advice and pricing.

While we are conveniently located at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast, we service all of Australia.



For all our cnc router cutters we use and recommend  

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Shaping Timber

At Sunshine Coast Joinery, we have a wide selection of machinery and cutter profiles ready to transform timber into something special for you.

Our Machines include:

  • Panel Saw
  • Thicknesser – Machining timber to specific thickness.
  • Surfacer – Straightening and squaring timber.
  • Wide Belt Sander – Automated sanding of timber of up to 600mm wide
  • CNC Router – Able to cut any shape from a digital file

Unique Custom Furniture Design

It doesn’t matter, if it is 1 or 100 pieces of furniture you need, we will come up with a design that suits your needs;

and your budget.

Exotic And Hard To Come By Timbers

In addition to all the usual Cabinet Timbers we have access to, we come across some beautiful timber  that are outside the mainstream.

At the moment we have a limited supply of:

Another Australian Native. Not well known however the figure in some of this timber will set any woodworkers pulse racing.

Huon Pine
Famous for it workability in all applications. Particularly applicable for wood turning and wood carving. This timber is very hard to come by nowadays as it has only ever grown in Tasmania and is now protected from commercial logging.

Queen Ebony
With colours ranging from near black to dark brown, this timber has be highly prized for making tools, knife handles, guitar fret boards  and anything where a hard dense timber is desirable.

Hairy Oak
An Australian Native Timber of the Casurina Family with the same colouring as Silky Oak. Distinctive and highly figured with an interesting grain. A real talking point.


Teak Bits For Boats

Burmese Teak has traditionally been the timber for boats both externally and internally. It owes this to it beauty and also it’s ultimate resistance to sun and salt. Many ships of the last century had Teak decks and fit-outs. It turns grey when uncoated but comes back to its original beauty when sanded. Teak is a very oily timber which is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because this it what gives Burmese Teak it’s incredible longevity. A curse because it make it a challenge to glue and coat. One option to improve the gluing ability is to wash it down with White Spirits or similar immediately prior to applying the adhesive.

Machining should only be carried out using Tungsten Carbide. This is due to Teak’s high silica content.

CNC Cut Signs In Timber and Acrylic

If you are looking for some signs for you home or business consider the beauty and versatility of timber or Acrylic signs cut on a CNC Router.

Timber Signage in particular conveys a feel to your clients of quality and style.

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