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Mirrors can create a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your home. When you shop for the right mirror, it’s important to note factors such as size, shape, material, color and placement, as these affect how your space will look.

Improving your space using round timber mirrors will help you make it a visual standout. Round timber mirrors bring light and depth to the space and create a bold and dramatic statement, even in the smallest of spaces. While the traditional rectangular-shaped mirror has been a traditional choice, you’ll be surprised when you try out mirrors with unique shapes, such as a round or oval shaped mirror.

Decorating the Entry Hall

Using a round mirror in your entry hall in combination with a console table is an ideal way to decorate. Your entry hall is a good opportunity to give your guests a visual example of what your decor style is. Add elegant features to this area of your home for a modern touch. Choose furniture and accessories and thoughtfully place them throughout the area.

Round Mirrors in the Bathroom

Mix up your bathroom design by choosing a round timber mirror. Play with texture and line with the inclusion of round timber framed mirrors. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home so setting it up for function is essential. Replace a large mirror with two round ones to give the illusion of more space. Round mirrors and the use of timber as a frame gives your bathroom a unique look and feel.

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Decorating with Mirrors

When you add a mirror to decorate a space, there are a few things to keep in mind. Mirrors create space by reflecting light and opening up a space. This is why they are a popular item for creating the illusion of space in smaller areas. You can use larger mirrors in smaller spaces to make the space open up and give it some depth. Choose the location of your mirror so it’s reflecting both light and decor. If your room is busy, avoid adding mirrors as it will only make the situation worse. 

The Uniqueness of Timber

Because of its uniqueness, round timber mirrors are a popular choice for the modern home these days. The timber in these mirrors give your space a rustic but modern feel. Whether as a decorative element in your space, or for overall function, a round timber mirror can beautify any space. They look classy and glamorous in the bathroom, the bedroom, or even in the living room as a stand-out piece.

Our range of round timber mirror designs give you plenty of options to design the space you’ve always wanted. You can even have one custom made to fit your home’s overall theme. Our decades of experience in top quality workmanship can turn your perfectly carved, custom-made round timber mirror into a bespoke piece. Call us now at 0409 574 038 have your very own custom-made mirrors made to last a lifetime. 

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