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New Guinea Rosewood Record Storage Unit. In Stock Now

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Custom Made Timber Furniture, Joinery, and Wood Machining Projects.

Having a piece of Custom Made Timber Furniture is not something you do every day. So when you decide to go ahead you want to be sure you have the right person for your project.

So take a look at our reviews and you will see, when it comes to custom made timber furniture and joinery, we do our very best to exceed our customers’  expectations. The difference between custom made timber furniture and other types of trade work is the attention to detail required and the long process to achieve outstanding results. Clean straight lines, crisp well define corners and seamless joints.

How Custom Made Timber Furniture Pieces Come Together

Every piece of custom furniture starts with what is know as rough sawn timber. This is timber as it comes straight from the sawmill. From there it is straightened and dressed which in itself it a jobs that requires skill in reading timber and also the bet quality machinery. Once that is done, then you can start to make a piece of custom furniture. Through the whole process the margin for error is minimal so the old saying measure twice cut once is well worn but very apt. In fact, it is more like to measure four times and cut once.

For us, it is not all about making money. It is about producing lasting quality custom furniture and joinery the customer is thrilled with. We don’t cut corners to save time. We would rather get it right.

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