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Bookshelf V Bookcase

Whether you need a floating bookshelf or a full solid timber bookcase with all the bells and whistles, we have the solution for you.

No matter which option you choose, bookshelf or a complete bookcase we can help you from the design stage up to the installation.

We work in a wide range of solid timber, veneered board and melamine. Or a combination of materials for that contemporary look.

Things to Consider


Due to the way floating bookshelves are mounted to the wall they need to be thicker than a regular shelf in a bookcase. Usually about 32mm. This is because the shelf is supported on pins which protrude from the wall about two thirds the width of the shelf. A hole is drilled horizontally in the back of the bookshelf and then slid onto the pins.  A tricky process which require a great deal of accuracy but the finished effect is very pleasing.


Bookcases are much easy as we deliver them assembled and simply fastened to the wall. The shelves in the bookcase can be thinner depending on the overall length and the type of timber. For instance, hardwood is much stronger and therefore the individual bookshelf can be thinner and longer. Usually about 19mm  thick.
In melamine or otherwise known as laminated finish, the shelves need to be shorter and thicker as they will sag over time with the weight and some moisture. We usually recommend 25mm.

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