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Looking After Your Oil Stone.

Getting Started With Your New Oil Stone.

If you are looking to get hand tools for woodworking really sharp, it is important firstly to use the correct oil stone and oil.

The sharpening stone I use is the Aluminium Oxide variety in a fine grade. They are the brown coloured stones; not the straight grey colour. There is a coarse and a fine side to oil stones and you should always use the fine side. Trying to bring back a sharp edge with the coarse side will only make things worse. If the chisel or planer blade gets that bad it is time to regrind on a bench grinder. That is another story.

It is important to keep the oil stone clean as over time it will become clogged with dirt and fine metal particles. I clean my stone with straight Kerosene. Just pour it on and wipe with a clean rag.

For the oil, I use a 50/50 mixture of pretty much any clean oil and kerosene. Kerosene is actually a cutting agent and helps greatly in the sharpening process.

A good tip when you buy your new stone is to immerse it for a couple of days in the oil/kero solution.

As for the finer points of using the stone and bench grinder, I will try to cover this in another post and perhaps a video.


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